Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweater Love.

(I am watching Grey's Anatomy as I type this - last week's when Izzie has her surgery. Izzie is knitting! That said, I am sure I'm going to be crying. Soon.)

I am in love with this sweater. I've finished the body, and just started the sleeves and they are simply flying! Now to find the perfect buttons. Any suggestions?

Since I'm on a sweater kick and this was on sale last week at WEBS, I just had to pick some up. Yummy Madtosh Worsted. Hmm, what sweater should I pick?

We've been recovering from a crazy Bar Mitzvah last weekend and entertaining the kids since school's out....(Oh no. Here goes Alex....)

We're off to the cabin later this week - birthday dinner for the DH with the whole family. Cross your fingers we get some decent weather.

(Oh...now Owen. Gulp.)

Teen made the JV Lacrosse team so he's been practicing all week. Yay!

(Oh hell, now it's Bailey...criminy. I think I need to go find my box of Kleenex. What was I thinking sitting down without one?)

Congrats to Teen!

You and I must be channeling the same sweater spirit. I've also taken advantage of sale yarn at Webs this week, besides picking up a couple sweaters worth of clearance yarn at Coldwater last week.

Sweater knittin' mojo rocks!
Oh, not sure what sweater you'll make with the Madtosh, but it'll provide the sunshine we're not seeing around here!
Remind me which sweater design this one is--it looks familiar...

I still have hope for Owen and Cristina...
Etsy is a great place to poke around for buttons. I know this all too well.
Which GA season are you... oh, I still have to buy 4 or 5, I think. Love your sweater. It's beautiful.
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