Friday, March 13, 2009

So. Did You Know I Like Hockey?


Guess who is in their own little heaven this week? State Tournaments, WCHA Playoffs, even a little bit of Wild (sad as that's been). I have lived in the Minneapolis Metro area all of my life. My High School faced Edina in many sports, and their hockey "dynasty" is a fact I've known of all my life - and wow! They got beat last night - holy cow! Our high school won their first round game - barely - with a contested goal in overtime. I can hardly wait to watch them play Blaine tonight in the Semi-Final round.

Mini-rant: Okay, so what's up Star Tribune? EP won that game, why is there a huge photo of Hill-Murray? Because the H-M coach had to boot 4 Seniors this year because they misbehaved? Seriously? Why are we giving them so much attention for DOING THE RIGHT THING! Nobody should be surprised, we should expect it. Yea, the remaining kids had to work harder, but they LOST! Where are the pictures of the winners? And the poor kid who had to wait 8 minutes because they were determined to try to make that winning goal not count - sheesh! Also? If it had been EP who had to boot the kids, I guarantee people would be a lot less kind about it. All right, back to my normal cheerful banter...

Lots of knitting going on while I'm watching the games. Remember this pile of yarn?

I've cast on the Duotone Cardi and I already love how it's looking:

This is the collar and the beginning of the back. A very cool looking stitch pattern - no? By the way, the first picture is more accurate for color.

Here is that sock I started last week.

Now that I'm knitting so much on sweaters, the socks are not progressing nearly as quickly. It should be interesting to see what happens to me when NaKniSweMoDo collides directly with Sock Madness. I hope there are no fatalities.

Well, Little Falls is down 0-1 to Breck - I need to go watch some hockey.

Very interesting sweater. And rant. :-)
You like hockey? *kidding*

I thought about you yesterday as your boys pulled out a win
Hockey? You? Who would guess. ;)

Oh, that sock is pretty pretty!
You need to knit yourself a little hockey mom hat.

Love the socks. I have to go check out that sweater on Rav. Duotone . . . interesting!
Hey, girlfriend! What a great game last night! Were you watching on t.v. (like me) or there in person (like Hockeyman and Hubby)?

Hubby said the E.P. contingent was HUGE! Awesome support for a great team.
You like hockey? Who knew?

ITA w/your rant.

Very cool looking stitch pattern!
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