Monday, March 02, 2009

Oh Baby! (part 80 grillion...)

I promised these pictures a long time ago, but then my mom and sis ordered my new model for my birthday, so I was waiting for her arrival. Isn't she bright and cheery? I'm thinking her name should be Cherry.

Regardless, this is my much-worn Baby Cables and Big Ones Too sweater that I finished back in December.
This sweater is going to be my guideline for fit for all future sweaters. I wear a tee-shirt under neath because it's a (nicely) lightweight knit.

Pattern: Baby Cables and Big Ones Too by Suvi S. (that is a Ravelry link) Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool color is #39 a pink/oatmeal Needles: Knitpicks Harmony dpn's US 6.0/4 mm Started: September 28, 2008 Completed: December 22, 2008.

Note: This turned out much better than I expected. The yarn was a little odd, but I didn't pay much for it so I guess it's hard to complain.


Rivulet is flying along - I have one sleeve and the front ribbing to finish - it's a race to the end of the yarn.
Cherry was happy to help me decide if it was long enough. Knitgrrl actually sent me the pattern on my Kindle, but I will be darned if I can figure out how to access it.

Today I am having a little knitting soiree with Miss T, Miss Think and Miss Tight (Hmmm, I think that makes me Ms. Stairs). Anyway, Miss T excels at showing the piles of knitted blobs, so in the spirit of knitterhood I am sharing my Gathered Pullover. I've reached the shoulder shaping on the back and am hoping this sweater will make me happy like Oh Baby has.

What a lovely present. I bet we'll see a lot of Cherry from now on! Lovely sweaters too. I have the gathered pullover on my list of to knit, so I look forward to seeing it completed.
HOW FUN! Every sweater knitter should own one of those (or have a friend who owns one . . . wink)

Have fun with your knitting buds. Can't wait to see that finished Rivulets. It's in my queue, but it looks so daunting for me.

ps. Leo did NOT attend the Birkie this year. He is still considered a bit bonkers.
Cherry sure does look ready for spring! Hope you're having too much fun today.
Very cool model there. I'm pretty sure the kitties would figure out how to be in the pictures even if I had one...

Hope you had fun knitting with the crew today!
Welcome, cheery Cherry! :)

What a nice job you have!!!
Miss Tight? I rather like it!! It was tons of fun seeing you.
Your model looks French. Cherie, perhaps?

Sweaters are beautiful, too!
Love those sweaters, and it was good seeing you yesterday!
I love your sweaters (esp The gathered one [forgot already) and great new model!
I wonder why I thought of you when I saw this article. ;)
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