Thursday, March 05, 2009

My New Friend:

So - remember this cardi I showed you? It's even better than you can see in this picture from the Yarn Forward website. I thought I remembered what Copine meant, but I had to look it up, and it means "friend". So really, I will have two new friends! Mrs. Pao from Mumblings sent Deb and I copies of Yarn Forward (plus some yummy goodies and a couple of perfectly lovely tote bags! I kept the Toile. The return package is in the works as we speak!)

So - don't you think this would make a lovely Copine:

Now I have to go because I am listening to the EP vs Tonka High School Playoff Hockey game....

Oh, that will be lovely!

How'd the game turn out?
I think it's a perfect selection!
Listening - not watching *gasps*
I think that will be beautiful!
That's perfect! I may have to borrow that magazine from you.
OH! i'm loving that beautiful, simple gray. Yup. Perfect.
Nice to see that someone else has a bit of an Ultra Alpaca problem as well! Perhaps we should start a support group . . .
I may have to rethink ripping out my Eco-Wool thing now!!
It would be gorgeous!
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