Tuesday, March 17, 2009

District Band Festival 2008

So, not only was I watching Hockey last Saturday, I was attending the 2009 District Band Festival. Twice. (Puck at 3:30 and Teen at 7:00). This is last year's finale, but they do this song every year.

Look at this group. Every band student grades 5-12 participates in this concert. They have to do it twice because that is 1400 musicians! Every age group does one or two songs and then they play together in the Finale. Starting with the oldest kids, and then toward the end it slows down (around 3:42) and every darn kid plays in this song. It makes me cry. Every year. There are about a dozen band instructors running around, desperately trying to control the tempo - I love it. What an opportunity for all of these kid to learn to play an instrument!

For obvious reasons we don't have something this grand on our band schedule - I bet the whole thing is pretty awesome.

Congrats on the big hockey win.
Wow - what a band extravaganza!
I was at the 3:30 concert too. I love the band festival. It's such a great event.
Omigosh, "Stars and Stripes Forever" makes tears in my eyes, too. And I love the youthful band.

That was great. Thanks!
That was fabulous! I didn't realize there were more bands participating until near the end. Pretty darn cool.
During my first year teaching (kindergarten) at Eden Prairie, I had to sit in the gym at the highschool for some staff development. Without warning, the EP bands came swarming into the gym and played. We were on our feet by the end of the song. It was marvelous! They have a great program going on.

How are the pups?
You make me miss being a band teacher!
This sounds great!
You must be one proud mother.
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