Monday, March 09, 2009

The Current Form of My Knitting ADD:

The Braided Gem Socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.

Though, technically, this is not handpainted yarn. Mini Mochi in color 104 (I bought it locally, but TLE has it and they call it Fern). Very soft yarn, but it could stand a little twist.

Bulky Boot Socks from The Little Box of Socks, the pattern is by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.

The yarn is Miss Babs wool - this may've been the first shipment from way back when, when I was in the Woolgirl Sock Yarn club the first time 'round. I'm not sure they even carry this weight any longer. The color is called Waterfall. I had to take the photo quickly because Teen is waiting for these.

And finally, Rivulet has sleeves! Button bands and blocking to finish - we're looking at another incoming snowstorm, so possibly tomorrow! Cherie was glad to have the sweater, she thinks it's rather chilly standing by the window.

Also? I can't believe that there aren't more Rivulet projects on Ravelry (there's only nine right now) - this is one of those sweaters that looks much more complicated than it actually is. Knit top down in one giant piece, sleeves afterwards and you can easily make any changes along the way that you like. There's one on Ravelry that looks about four inches longer than mine - she knit seed instead of garter stitch - I really like what she's done. I wish I'd thought of adding the extra stitches and knitting my button band at the same time - hate doing it afterwards!

Big hockey week coming up - State Tournament and Gopher Playoff hockey gearing up!

Oh, Cherie! Your sweater is lovely! I like the length and that you left out the "squiggles."
Wow! You have been busy! The sweater looks great - is it as flattering as it seems it would be?

The mini mochi looks pretty cool.
The mini mochi looks beautiful - scarf / hat / mitten sets are floating through my head now.

Sadly it doesn't look as though we will be gifted a snow or knitting day today ....
Yeegads, are you ever flying along on that sweater! I love it!
I thought I recognized that waterfall color. And as soon as I finish my pile of FO's I will be casting on for that sweater. You have been a great spokesperson for the pattern.

The first sock yarn looks so soft.
Rivulet is gorgeous!!

Isn't that the most fabulous thing about Ravelry? Seeing what's out there. Sweet.

Nice sockies!
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