Saturday, February 14, 2009

So, Ravelry Queues....

Yea, mine is four pages long, how about you? Or maybe you use the Favorites function?

I'm casting this on as soon as I finish up Rivulets (it's going really quickly, maybe another week.)

This is the Duotone Cardigan from the Fall/Winter '08 Knit1. Love the layered look of this one. I ordered some Valley Yarn Berkshire from Webs for this one so pretty economical as far as new yarn goes.

Now, I have to get my hands on the new issue of Yarn Forward magazine (any ideas where I can find it in town?), but I have some yarn in my stash that will be perfect for this sweater (some Beaverslide in red!) - Copine by Shannon Okey.

Then, I received my Spring '09 IK yesterday and this cardi on the cover is a perfect Spring cover-up. Maybe in some nice yellow Louisa Harding I have in the stash? Or I have some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru in a beautiful teal blue color called Spinel, that would knit up beautifully into this Diminishing Rib Cardigan.
Lastly, I just stumbled on this pattern in somebody else's Favorites yesterday, but those cables look like fun!

This is the Ethel Mildred Ferguson Sweater (Rav link) from the Family Trunk Project by Emily Johnson. This pattern is not even available yet - she's still test knitting it - but I'm first in line to pick this up! I've got some great Berroco that will work for this in a nice marled grey.

In the meantime, Go Gophers! (Cause the Wild just keep breakin' my heart.)

Wow, you have a lot of sweaters to knit before summer! :)
And I thought I was alone in my drooling! What a great queue of sweaters. Of course, I've always admired your taste.

Hmmm, I have to go get Hockeyman's skates sharpened this afternoon. Maybe I'll sneak over to Barnes and Noble to see if they have Yarn Forward. I'll let you know.
Oh, and I was at last nite's Wild game - ugggh! Oh well, it was a sweet thing for hubby to give me for Valentine's Day. Too bad the Wild were in such a "giving" mood as well. Two short-handed goals - I ask you . . .
Overachiever! I saw that Yarn Forward sweater one in you queue the other day and I just happen to have that exact same Eco-Wool being reclaimed from a *poncho* so we'll both have to be on the look out for the pattern!
Your queue is only four pages long?
So many sweaters, so (relatively) little time...
Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry it was missed. Your Rivulet is looking great, that sweater is so pretty. Love you Ingenue! I purchased that book based on your review and very happy I did.

Nice queue. I gave up trying to keep one. So many projects, so little time.
Well, I've got 4 pages too, but this is something that doesn't stress me. It's so nice to look at all those nice patterns. :-)
For someone who doesn't knit nearly enough I have 2 pages.....hmmmm

word verification: shecolt must relate to your need to knit sweaters?
Great finds! I have never seen Yarn Forward magazine; if you find a local source, let us know! I liked the Lacy Placket from the same issue, so I am trying the online order system; we'll see if it works. : )
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