Monday, February 02, 2009

A Poem

I'd hate to miss all the poetry, but I'm rather a child at heart so this is mine:

The Island

If I had a ship,
I'd sail my ship,
I'd sail my ship
Through Eastern seas;
Down to a beach where the slow waves thunder-
The green curls over and the white falls under-
Boom! Boom! Boom!
On the sun-bright sand.
Then I'd leave my ship and I'd land,
And climb the steep white sand.

And climb to the trees,
The six dark trees,
The coconut trees on the cliff's green crown-
Hands and knees
to the coconut trees,
Face to the cliff as the stones patter down,
Up, up, up, staggering and stumbling,
Round the corner where the rock is crumbling,
Round this shoulder,
Over this boulder,
Up to the top where the six trees stand....

And there would I rest, and lie,
My chin in my hands, and gaze
At the dazzle of sand below,
And the green waves curling slow,
and the grey-blue distant haze
Where the sea goes up to the sky....

And I'd say to myself as I looked so lazily down at the sea:
"There's nobody else in the world, and the world was made for me."

A.A. Milne "When We Were Very Young"

Excellent poem and photo!
Nothing wrong with being a child at heart.
That is one of my absolute favorite books in the whole world. And yet you managed to find a poem in it which I didn't know well. Thanks!
Now that's a poem I can understand!
Whaa.. Where...

Are you on some tropical island vacation? Did you actually skip out on Coldwater's Superbowl Sale???

(I completely forgot about it . . . damn).

Thanks for the lovely poem.
I love all things related to Winnie The Pooh!
I love that! The picture is perfect too. I had no idea AA Milne wrote anything other than Pooh.
I so love A.A. Milne and your photo is a country to long for... (I'm so fed up with winter these days, it's snowing again, here)
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