Thursday, February 12, 2009


So, I know I'm lame. I have not posted in ages, just ages. But you moms know what it's like. I've had one kid after the other down with the Flu. I don't mean a gross tummy virus, I mean Influenza. And it's not the one that they vaccinated for either, it's that rogue one they've been talking about. There have been days where I've just wanted to lay my head down on my keyboard and cry (I really only did it yesterday and that was because my husband and cherubs neglected my birthday. I was sad.)

Funny story? I do have one. The Hockey Team Coach lost his little carry-case of water bottles used for the bench. Our Team Manager sent an email reminding us all to send water with our players tonight and then she apologized by saying this:

"Sorry for the incontinence."

Snrk. I think she meant inconvenience, but....snrk.

So. What I have been doing is knitting, there are socks on the needles, there are two sweaters on the needles, there is an FO and new yarn in the house! My cuticles are drying up and peeling off - does anyone else have that problem working with fiber? So I started Rivulets, and really, the charting is not as intimidating as Shannon Okey made it sound.

I have this beautiful, fat, bouncy Alpaca/Silk blend and I have already knit down to the little pleats in back (I took this photo a couple days ago.) I may leave the "squiggles" off of the bottom of the pleats - I'm thinking about leaving the cable off of the sleeves as well - I like sleek sleeves.

My mom and my sister remembered my birthday and next week I should have a lovely assistant to help me model my finished sweaters! In the meantime - I have to hit the road to go and get the locks sheared. Tomorrow I will show you a photo of Ingenue blocking! (Woot!)

I'm so sorry about your sick one. That is just SO stressful. I hope he pulled through ok and no one else caught it!

I cannot wait to see that sweater. it's gorgeous. I'm going to add that to my queue. So so pretty!

Well I guess that means I forgot your birthday too - although if I didn't ever know it was your birthday, does not acknowledging it count as forgetting?

Has anyone ever investigated the possibility that those Hockey water bottles & the little carry thing is just one giant germ petri dish?

The sweater looks really neat - although for my shape type (short & sturdy) I could never pull off those pleats in a fashionable manner. On me they would only resemble the skirting on a very large parade float.
Belated happy birthday!! *hug*

So sorry to hear you've been hit by influenza 'round there. :( Have you been spared??
Hmm - now that I think about it, maybe that message about the hockey water bottles is 'fessing up to being the source of the influenza...
Bad husband, bad cherubs. Influenza is no excuse. Well, maybe a little. Hope you have remained healthy throughout. The water thing sounds highly suspicious to me, too.
Happy happy belated birthday. You deserve more - so how about birthday love from your readers!!! We all wish you the best. (and NO incontinence)

Gorgeous sweater!
Happy Belated Birthday, girl!

I agree with you about the squiggles and the cables. The rest of it should be very flattering, though!
Happy belated birthday.

You made me nearly spew tea on my keyboard with the water bottle story.

That sweater is going to be smashing! Can't wait to see it.

As for the dry cuticles, yup. Especially when I knit cotton or linen. I've taken to moisturizing at night and sleeping with cotton socks on my hands (kids ran off with my cotton gloves - twerps!).
Happy belated birthday! It's going to be one nice sweater!
Happy Birthday a little bit late!

If it makes you feel any better, we had influenza followed by a gross tummy virus at my house.
Not your birthday? I'm so sorry. Happy belated!
I think they owe you a big whopping gift certificate for the Loopy Ewe. Or other store of your choice. Happy Belated Birthday.
Happy Birthday! Sorry nobody did their birthday duties. :o(

Can't wait to see your sweater-I like that design and it's waiting in my queue.
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