Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Even though I haven't technically finished any of my other sweaters, I am casting this on this week. I had to rip 4 inches of my Gathered Pullover, Rivulets is waiting patiently for a length decision, I finished a pair of socks, I NEED to cast on something new - just for the joy of it. So there. (Petulant much?)

In the meantime, I am stealing Cursing Mama's motto. Because the men in my life know what it means:

Also, Dr Who fans/knitters who recognize this song - name the episode in the comments and I may just send the person with the first correct answer some goodies from my sock stash!!!!

I am LOVING this group! They've had me seat dancing all day. Thanks to Debbie Does Duluth for the link to the Rogue Traders.

I LOVE that motto! It's hilarious!

And GOOD FOR YOU casting on again. You are the sweater queen.
It's always better to knit what you want, when you want!

I haven't actually watched more than 2 episodes of Dr. Who, so I have no idea (at all!) where the song is from. I'm wondering, though - do you ever think the "Adipose" pattern will be released again after the BBC blocked it???
In corporate America they would say that you are taking initiative in the sweater making process. Good initiative is usually rewarded so I thing you're on the right track!
Oh, man, I've never seen Dr Who!
Hmm, that quote is all too perfect.
Love that sweater!
the sound of drums. yep yep yep. 2007. (not a geek; don't know whatcher talking about....)
I'm hopelessly behind on Dr. Who, still on season one!! And since it doesn't ring a bell I guess I'll just have to look forward to it!
Yo lady! I nominated you for a KreativeBlogger Award!! Details on my blog. :)
Cool video, and that's a Jimi Hendrix song. No idea how it relates to Dr Who...
That motto rocks!

As for Dr. Who . . . sorry, no clue.
Re: your comment about the Wild - You betcha I'm watching tonight. And knitting garter stitch.
Beautiful sweater... and great motto!!! Joining you in that. And Dr. Who? No idea... sofar for my winning chances. :-)
It's the Sound of Drums episode, which was actually just repeated a week or so ago. Dr. Who will do in a pinch but I really want Torchwood to return.
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