Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sweaters, you say?

(So, really, I uploaded these pictures four days ago - now I finally getting around to narrating...sheesh. I am having a very hard time getting back into the "blogging" saddle.)

Someday I will be able to photo red and have it come across as rich and scarlet as I want it to look. Um. I bought some Beaverslide. It was on sale and I've really wanted some of this for a very long time. Now, just to pick the pattern for this!

There's a sweater's worth of this Tweed in my yarn closet now. I received Tweed by Nancy Thomas for my birthday last year, and I have been price-comparing tweeds ever since. This is Plymouth Tweed from Webs. I love the rich color - it really almost matches the wood of the table.

A few of you commented on my little blue case on the table - the Namaste Buddy Bag. I bought two of them when The Loopy Ewe got them in before Christmas - I had a $20.00 GC to use up and these were perfect. TLE is out of them right now, but they're all over and I'm sure TLE will be getting more soon.

We've had a little hockey-break this week, but Lacrosse picked up so the boys have been running here, there and everywhere. In the meantime, I have been picking away at my projects making a little bit of progress here and there. Then, I got a Rav message from an ex-blogger, Jeanne, and the Preemie Knit Hat project is kicking up again!!! That is a Rav link, but feel free to join in if you want! I started my first one tonight!

Mmmmmmm, Beaverslide. *OMNOMNOMNOMNOM*
Oh, the Beaverslide looks COZY.
Lots of potential!

How is the Tweed book? I've been wondering, but haven't yet come across a copy. Thanks! : )
Very pretty yarns!
Lovely yarn - can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.

Am totally mystified by the possibility of a "hockey break" must be tournament driven...I surely haven't seen any lessening of hockey players at our rink.
Beaverslide just kinda sounds gross - but I hear it's yummy good!!
Funny but our JV squad has like 10 days off of games this month (After Sat's game). Weird! Of course, we'll be at the rink daily for practice but the no games thing is strange.

Ooooh, do you think I could combine the Hat Trick 2009 from Rav's Puck This Group with the Preemie Knit Hat project? Nothing like multi-tasking. hehehe
Catching up on your blog...

Can't wait to see a picture of your Baby Cables and Big Ones Two. Looks like a very nice pattern.

I know how your husband feels. Anticipating layoffs this month and think it might include me.

Glad to hear the Preemie hat is starting up again. I will check out that link and get some hats made up.
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