Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay. Here it is. My big boy playing his Tuba in the Wind Ensemble. They are playing a piece that is supposed to describe what it feels like to be a Hawk flying. The video is abysmal, but the sound is pretty good. Enjoy!

Sock yarn scraps:

One of my old SP swap buddies put out a Ravelry call for sock yarn scraps. OK. You KNOW I have leftover sock yarn. Those little, cute, leftover yarncakes that you can't bear to throw out, right? So, I packed up a box of my favorites and sent them to Megan. Look at her progress already! (I can recognize a yarn or two in there!) I found another box of leftovers last week, I spent some time weeding through them and getting them ready to send out to her this week.

You knit socks?

Hey, the Skeptic was a tuba player. Tuba rocks!
And she totally loves you for it! :)
We won't rat you out! ;)
I really enjoyed that. Thanks!
That was fabulous! Even the slight coughing near the end. Thanks for posting it, I really enjoyed it!
I enjoyed the tubas very much. Thanks for posting it. Nice!

The Thujas are super, I'm glad the Teen likes them. Pretty brave to knit for a Teen guy I think :)

Really like the cowl, super lovely.

Hope the ice fishing goes well, the markets kind of suck right now if my IRA and 401K are any indication...and I thought I might retire at the end of this year. Sigh.
I just stopped by to say thanks for the comment on "sweatah tawk"-- you killed me! I think I'm going to have to rename it!!!

(love the socks, too)
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