Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sci Fi Geek Mourning.

So, this morning I watched the final episode of Stargate Atlantis. I am saving the first episode of Battlestar Galactica's final ten episodes. David Tenant will no longer be my Dr. Who and I'm a ways away from any new Torchwood. I've been saving up this season of Heroes, hoping it would be good, but I've not heard great things. Aaah, Jericho, Firefly, where did you go? I've watched every episode of Farscape (although I'm still not sure what order they should have been in...) I've been re-watching Buffy too. What do you think, will Joss' Dollhouse be any good?

(ETA: Here's a link to some spoilers about Dr. Who Season 5.)

Where will I find my next fix, a series to love?


The Teen has had Influenza-type symptoms all week - we are waiting for the results of his test. He had such a high temperature on Wednesday, the doc went ahead and prescribed some Tamiflu, so we are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Ingenue is nearly finished - I hope to have photos for you tomorrow - but look at the finished product over at Red Dog! Nice!

Finally, have you checked out the Daily Coyote? So much cuteness!

Oh, poor Teen! I hope he gets better quickly!
Sending healing thoughts to teen. You could try "Fringe" on Fox. And oh - BSG is I couldn't resist on the final ten so I'm current.

BTW - I have lost your email addy - can you sen?
Argh, I had a feeling that SG:A was ending. I have 8 episodes saved on my TiVo, must savor them.

In addition to Fringe, how about Sanctuary (another Sci Fi show, with Amanda Tapping)?

I'm sure Dollhouse will be interesting, but I don't really trust Fox.
Poor Teen. I hope he feels better soon. I've never watched Stargate Atlantis. Perhaps I should add it to my netflix queue.
We're only on season 2 of BSG, so we have a ways to go, and we haven't even started Atlantis. But yeah...when those run out...we're current on Torchwood. We've watched all of Buffy twice, all of Angel once, and Firefly probably 3-4 times. And Dr. Horrible twice. So far I've loved everything Whedon has done, so I have fingers crossed for Dollhouse.
Poor Teen! I hope he gets better soon.

I don't trust Fox either which is why I didn't watch Fringe last season. I'm not really sure about The Dollhouse but I'll probably watch it anyway. Jericho, Firefly, Strange Luck, Dark Angel, Harsh Realm......[sobs]

I saved the last two eps of last season's BSG but I HAVE to watch them now. Tonight! So far, it's been fabulous.
Wait. What? David Tennant going somewhere??!? What? I'm not mentally prepared for this. Are you telling the truth?

If you want to head for DVDs I heard Carinvale and Odyssey 5 are supposed to be ok. I haven't gotten to either of them yet. I finally broke down and started watching Babylon 5
Poor Teen! We can empathize.

Dancing Diva had a fever so high this week, she was hallucinating. Ugggh! This bug is a nasty one.

DD is heading in to check for bronchitis/pneumonia first thing tomorrow. Should have gone in sooner for the Tamiflu.

Can't wait to see your Ingenue!
Definitely add Fringe to your list. I'm also tapping my foot, impatiently waiting for Torchwood.

Get well, Teen!
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