Saturday, January 17, 2009

I admit, I admit!

I have been ignoring the blog. Figuratively, it has been standing in front of me, jumping up and down waving it's arms, and calling my name. I have not acknowledged it's existence, not even once, all week long.

(sigh.) Sorry, blog!

I have been busy, however. Monday, I had to replenish the huge quantity of groceries my boys plowed through over school break. On Tuesday I had to replenish our bathrooms and cleaning closet so our home could recover from the constant presence of multiple boys in our home for two weeks. I got invited (via Ravelry) to join a local knitting group on Wednesdays so I was out making new knitting friends on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday I really, really needed to sleep because at the end of every day last week (did I mention that every day was freaking cold?), my boys had to be somewhere. There was Hockey, Lacrosse and Wind Ensemble concerts and I was just exhausted. Exhausted and cold.

Non-knitting Topic (Sorry - the knitting is coming.)

Question for Hockey Moms out there. What would you say to a coach that asked your kid to "fall down and fake an injury" so the coach could get a timeout. Then, when the kid wouldn't or couldn't do it, he doesn't get put back into the game for the remaining eight minutes of the game. What would you say to this guy? (I'm not saying the non-performance of the task resulted in his not playing the rest of the game, but he was short-benched, nonetheless.) Just curious, because I have been raising holy h***, and I don't think the coach is going to give Puck the apology I have been asking for.

All right, the knitting:

Five, Five Preemie Hats!

Pattern: Wadi by Terry Ross. Scroll down, it's in there. Yarn: Cosmic Fibers Tencel Sock in the Ice Truck Killer colorway. Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 1/2.25 mm Started: January 1, 2009 Completed: January 15, 2009.

Note: I actually finished a pair of toe-up socks! This yarn is fabulous - silky and shiny, but splitty as only Tencel can be. Do you like my pretty short-row heels? I'm finally starting to get the hang of that heel style.

Ingenue is plugging along and I started a cowl for a Hockey-Mom friend who admired mine. I should be able to finish it this weekend!

My new knitting friends are doing a sock knitting swap, so I'll be starting my pair of socks next. I'm nervous to knit for someone who has actually given me their foot measurements. I'm actually going to have to knit with some sort of gauge. Sheesh!

I promise to try and stop by more often - if I even have any readers left!

The socks are really pretty! Are you now a toe-up convert?
It's okay! These things happen. You aren't required to blog every single day.
What a stinky coach! I'm very impressed that you took it up with the coach. We need to be the strong supports for our children. Sometimes, even going further up the chain of command.

It can put your child into a bit of a difficult situation, though, eh? It shouldn't - but we both know that it can...

Why does something that should be so fun, become so pressured and stressful?!
Hmm. That coach sounds like he needs to go through an ethics course. That is SO not the sort of crap he should even think of asking kids to do!


I'm sure you'll do great on your sock swap knitting!
Yes, you still have readers.
That coach is SO not teaching the kids what hockey or any sport should be about. Kids learn how to handle life by how adult mentors teach them how to handle things like sports. Glad you spoke up. That teaches Puck to stand up for what is right and he'll remember that lesson as he becomes an adult.
Way to go!
The preemie hats look great!

As for the coach, I'm speechless at the very thought.
I'd say the coach lacks the ethics I would want in a person who is acting as a role model for kids.
Write a letter to the board. I'm on the athletic board at school and that kind of behavior would get INSTANT action! That's not the way you are raising your son and you are giving your child over to that coach for a period of time to ACT ON YOUR BEHALF! If you wouldn't do it, than neither should he.
Doesn't he need to learn to manage his timeouts a little better? He seems like he has no ethics, which seems to be more common these days. The hats and the socks look great.
Oh man, teenage boys and groceries! I am so not looking forward to that. They eat enough already.

That coach is a creep.
Yeh, I'd say that would warrant a letter (or even just an email) to your athletic board. My daughter played for a club and this just the sort of problem that would likely be brought up at the monthly meetings.

Over at the Minnesota Hockey website, they have a posted parents' code of conduct that includes "I will remember that “wins” are based on my child’s performance, teamwork, and playing
within the rules."

It sounds like your child's coach needs to look to his own code of conduct and the "playing within the rules" part. Good luck figuring this out!
I think just about everyone covered how the coach should be handled - fact of the matter is they are kids & this is not preparation for their lifes work (usually) and despite what some parents & coaches think the only lesson to be taken from sport is not how good it feels to win. I'm sure there are ethics violations in what happened and well - if more parents stand up to the insanity things could get better. (Of course being mindful of the possible implications and ramifications on your son are important)

It would be interesting to get an opinion from a real live youth coach - respecting the coach versus proper sportsmanship.
Some how I doubt there was any food left in the house after two weeks of teen age boys at home. And one day they will learn to help you clean.

As to the coach, a letter to the association is in order. Good sportmenship is what the kids needs to learn. And the coach needs to learn this as well.
How's the hockey situation? Hope you're finding solutions!

I'll bet those socks will be fabulous. Your socks are always beautiful!
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