Saturday, January 24, 2009

I was going to post a video of Teen's Wind Ensemble playing a pretty famous piece by a local composer/conductor; Timothy Mahr - The Soaring Hawk. I'm pretty proud of Teen and his Wind Ensemble, but I'm just not sure of any copyright constraints so I decided to err on the side of "let's not make anyone angry."

So, do you think I'd get in trouble?

I wouldn't risk it in today's "sue me - sue you" world. I'll just picture it in my mind. Yup - he sounds, and looks wonderful.
No idea... I wonder if you could contact the composer?
I think, because you're not doing it for prophet that it's ok. You're not earning money from playing someone else's piece. You're just showing it, like a newscast.

I'm almost certain that it's ok unless you get $$$.
If it's YOUR video, by which I mean, you taped it yourself, I don't believe it's an issue.

Go for it!!
Isn't that what YouTube is all about?
I'd be scared but it does sound lovely! I'd ask the composer/conductor just to be safe.

Thuja turned out really well. I love the striping.
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