Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello? (tap, tap, tap) Is This Thing On?

I have been so absent. What can I say, kids at home, holiday preparation, way too much hockey (I know, I know, there is such a thing as too much hockey). The Holidays were lovely, but they flew right on by. Poor DH is living day by day through terrible markets and comes home shaking his head every day. Six months ago, he spoke daily about needing to find a new job, now he's just happy to have the job he has. We give thanks daily for our luck. Let's hope we all weather this storm.

New Socks (of course).

I started this sock last night. It's going to be my hockey/football knitting for the weekend. This is Terry Ross' Wadi. It's knit toe-up. Not my favorite way to knit socks, but the pattern is easy to follow so it should be relatively painless.

A sweater, you say?

In the meantime, I have finished Baby Cables and Big Ones Too (still no photos of's finally blocking so; soon). I finished a pair of socks for the Teen (I promise - no more SAT questions), Thuja's. I knit Teen's socks from Jitterbug in the ETA: Sorry - I meant to say Blue Parrot color - I was impressed at my own ability to stretch this yarn for a full pair. I had a couple of yards left when I was finished. Teen absconded with them and I've not seen them since, so no chance to take a picture of them. However, a significant quantity of yarn has entered the house and I should be able to get some nice pics of the pretty.


Progress has been made on Ingenue, I'm using Berroco Peruvia and I'm really liking the raw softness of this yarn. The website has a better representation of the color - I am using Azul.

Op Ed

Adrian Peterson was robbed. That's all I have to say about THAT.

Also? I highly recommend the new Robin Hood TV season from Netflix. (Have I mentioned this? It's really engrossing!)

OK, I put Robin Hood on my netflix list. I've been trying to walk on the treadmill everyday (new years resolution, don'cha'know) and a series on DVD would be some motivation.

Happy New Year!
Good to hear that you all can cope with the crisis. Was wondering. We are all glad now with our jobs.
I like the Ingenue sweater. Great color, too!
Absent here, too. And giving thanks. Happy New Year! Hang in there!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder - or something. Bet thats an SAT question ;)

Happy New Year!
Hee hee - you sound like me with top-down socks!
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