Friday, January 09, 2009

Hat Trick Preemie Hats!

I'm not really cheating, am I? I figure that if I knit six more - that will equal three adult hats! I've got a little bag of stash I've acquired here and there that I just couldn't find a use for...they've made some fabulously cute little hats. Seriously, I started these on Wednesday!

Makes me feel a little bit better about the Christmas Booty that is now marinating in my stash room.

Lorna's Laces (upside down, I know) in Roadside Gerry.

Fiesta Baby Boom in Rhubarb (yum).

Scarlet Fleece in Mexican Sunflower (I know it's bright, but it reminds me of Summer). My husband was terribly generous with The Loopy Ewe gift certificate this year).

My boys wrapped up these books for me and put them under the tree. Good boys!

Lastly, have you been to Knitgrrl to see her latest Rivulets jacket pattern? Five pages of charts!! A total of 11 pages for the pattern! Now that's a challenge! (The sample is done in Beaverslide!!)

Well, I'd best be off - we have a full day of Hockey and Lacrosse tomorrow. (I'm finishing up a sock this weekend too!)

Oh, that Rhubarb yarn looks YUMMY.

Heh, have you seen the pages of charges for Rogue or Eris?! Yowza.

Nice job featuring your bowl, too!
Very cute hats. I imagine you'll knit that sweater by Friday, too? No?
Pretty yarns! Are you going to knit Rivulets then?
The Scarlet Fleece is bright but I like bright. I have some Scarlet Fleece in Bird of Paradise and it is really bright. Those men in your house are pretty awesome. I would have liked to have that present under my tree too.
Great gifts!
Mmm, Loopy Ewe!
Reminds me to get the premie hat pattern out & some good soft cotton I have that will never ever be a sweater no matter what I thought 3 years ago ;)

You certainly may have stash management issues.....
Wowza, you scored this year. I ended up with knives that slice unsuspecting fingers open and a stock pot.

LOVE that jacket. Oh my, I'll have to check it out.
Love the Rivulets jacket! It is elegant and beautiful. But I'm afraid I would never finish it.
I have been away from my computer too much these days. Love the yarn and that sweater is TOO DIE FOR! Is this something in your queue? It's divine.

Best to the hockey/lacrosse kids!

Leo's fine, how are your pups??
Why would those hats be cheating? Cute!! It's a great way to use excess yarn too.

Pretty jacket but *how* many pages? :blink:blink. Yikes.
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