Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cowl for a Friend.

Wow, first of all, thank you all for the support and advice. Let me say that a couple phone calls were made, a whole lot of rationalizations were made, coach admitted he "made a mistake" and apologized to Puck! (Funny story - the Coach was benched for our game this week because he got kicked out of last Saturday's game by the Referee! Nasty temper, there.) Puck got to play a little more Wing and skated his hiney off.

Anyway, some knitting progress has been made.

The cowl I knit for my Hockey-Mom friend:

Pattern: Good Luck Cowl by Christianne Gerstner at Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie Socks that Rock in Walking on the Wild Tide colorway. Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 4 Started: January 18, 2009 Completed: January 20, 2009.

Note: This turned out beautifully - I cast on ten extra stitches (110 total) and then after the border I increased 1 stitch every ten stitches to bring it up to 120 total stitches on the needles. I then reduced the same amount right before the cast-off “cuff”. She has another very simple broken 2x2 rib cowl on her web page right now and I have some Silkie left over, I may just keep going until it's all gone! I really like this yarn for this project as opposed to socks.

Ingenue now has a body I'll be picking up the stitches for the sleeves this weekend. This truly is a pretty no-brainer of a sweater.

I cast on Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib Socks for my Swap Sock buddy and I am liking the look of it very much. I've also got some pictures of the Teen's Thuja's (FINALLY! He had to let me wash them!) I'll get those rolled out tomorrow.

That yarn created such a cool flashing pattern! Your friend will love it.

WTG, Puck. I'm so proud of him for skating so hard after all the angst.

Oh, and WTG Mom for sticking up for what was right! You rock!
Wow, I am really glad that his coach apologized to him, that is just an unconscionable request on his part.

That cowl is pretty!
GOOD about the coach! And yay you for pushing back on that.

The cowl is gorgeous! Talk about perfect pooling.
I'm glad things worked out w/ the coach!

Oh, good choice using the Silkie w/ the cowl. Must try that sometime! : )
Glad to hear the coaching issue was satisfactorily resolved & that Puck received the apology he deserved.

Love the cowl!
I'm proud of your actions with the coach. Most people would just keep bitching and bring everybody else around them down! Personal experience - you bet!!
I love the way the pink zigzags through the other colors.
So, the coach finally turned out to be a real coach...
Gorgeous cowl!
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