Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today We Are A Hockey Blog

Championship Game Brick City Classic 2008: Sunday 11/30 10:00 am EP 4 - North St. Paul Polars 2

Puck is #16

Medal Award Ceremony
(You should've seen the size of those St Paul boys - what are they feeding them?)

Lining up for the team photo with the HUGE trophy! (See the reddish-head kid, far left, back row? 55 mile and hour slapshot. He's 12. I think Puck is bending over putting down his gear behind the group.)

Coming soon to this location - yarn.
(hah! Not surprised, are you?)

Congrats to Puck & crew!!!

Nope, not surprised that there's going to be yarn posted.
Congrats, indeed!
And eh... yarn???
Woo Hoo!

bilitios - now I'm hungry for mexican

ps. can I bring a sweater I'm working on . . . . I've got some questions...
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