Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SAT Question of the Day!

Now that Teen is studying for his SAT's, we get a daily email:

Part of the following sentence is underlined; beneath the sentence are five ways of phrasing the underlined material. Select the option that produces the best sentence. If you think the original phrasing produces a better sentence than any of the alternatives, select choice A.

Though its early history is not fully known, origami, the art of folding objects out of paper without cutting, pasting, or decorating, seems that it had developed from the older art of folding cloth.

A. click to choose answer A seems that it had developed from
B. click to choose answer B seems to have developed from
C. click to choose answer C seems to have been developed out of
D. click to choose answer D had developed, it would seem, out of
E. click to choose answer E developing, it seems, out of

I will leave the answer in the comments!

The correct answer is B!
It's B! It's B right? I just know it's B.

Oh yeah, I see you say it is B :)

What a lot of knitting you have been doing. What a nice gift in the crochet shawl. I wish I could crochet.

Hope the Teen gets into the college of choice. Tough going these days. My nephew is in grad school in Hong Kong and now very worried about finding a job when he graduates. What a currently crummy world.
I imagine the questions aren't all that easy...:-)
Yay! I got it.
I knew that one! It's not very often that I can get these right.
I got it right! I clicked on B in your post and it sent me to the SAT website where the correct answer was explained. That, of course, made no sense to me, but at least I was able to identify the correct answer. All of this makes me paranoid about the many, many grammatical errors which I am sure are littering my blog. Oh well. It's all about yarn, right?
Thank goodness I got it correct. Being a communications major & all...
Of course it's B!
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