Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Which Something is Finished...

and two somethings are started!

Teen is getting a pair of Thuja socks out of some Jitterbug he winnowed out of the stash. He gave me those begging eyes. So, even though he CUT (with a scissors!) a loose thread on the last pair of socks I gave him (requiring some major repair on mom's part), I have cast these on. Don't worry, this particular male will NEVER do such a thing again.

Wow, I just realized it's been five days since I posted!

And I have cast on Wendy Barnard's Ingenue from her Custom Knits Book. (Have I mentioned that I LLLLOVE this book?)

I have been busy with hockey and sleepovers and shopping and wrapping and planning and....

well, you all know, right? I'm actually rather on Miss T's plan of the half-assed Christmas at my house. It was just the right time for it.

We are buried under a few more inches of snow, which should make the little driving I have to do today rather uncomfortable. If I can tear myself away from my latest time-suck, I may actually pull this whole thing off.

If I don't get my lazy behind over here to wish you a Happy Holiday, well, there it is. Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

ETA: Did everyone get to download their 5 Free Sock Pattern e-books? Right here.

I've downloaded the sock pattern ebook, but neither Adobe nor PDF Exchange will open it. Argh.

Hee hee - I think I'd have enjoyed hearing the exchange between you and Teen re: that loose thread...

Happy holidays to you!
This is the official time suck time of year.
Have a good holiday!
Ingenue will be really cute!

He CUT an end??? Oh my. Well, once is permissable. Twice? The consequences are frightening.....

Time distorts around holidays. Merry merry!
Have the best Christmas!
If we all got together with our half-assed Christmases, we could *MAYBE* eek out one pretty decent one! Merry Christmas to all the Halfway Family!!
I'm glad to hear you like Custom Knits as I've been thinking of getting it. Love that top down knitting.

The tubas were great! And good luck with the fish. Be careful of florinated water. We had 3 fish at work, Scallion, Ginger and Garlic but a new manager decided we needed to have florinated water (whatever) and that was the end of the fish.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, dear Pal! Every time I see the weather reports about your country I'm a little worried... soon enough it will be spring :-)
You know your a good mother when you'll knit another pair for a sock ripper.

Happy New Year! And thanks for the link. FREE SOCK PATTERNS! WHOO HOOO
The Half-Assed Christmas actually worked quite well. Perhaps it will become a tradition... :o)
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