Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am so far behind, I feel like I'm in reverse....

These are finished, though the color is just a bit off. Umm, a lot off, see November 23 for a better color representation.

Pattern: Conversational from Terry Ross Designs Yarn: LuLu's Yarns Supersock Merino Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 2.5/1.5 mm Started: November 23, 2008 Completed: December 7, 2008.

Note: These socks took me FOREVER! Nothing wrong with the pattern, and the yarn is fine. It was a four-row repeat and for some reason I hated it! (Maybe it was the purling?)

Also? My HSKS 6 package has arrived at last!

Here is an idea of all the goodies that were inside. It deserves it's own post so I will get to that later this week. Needless to say, she gave me lots of lovely chocolate and yarn!! Thank you so much Brimley!! I've never had Treacle before and am saving it for a treat!

Can I brag about the Teen for just a minute? It's just that I'm SO excited for him. He got his PSAT results back yesterday and he has scored in the top 1% of all Juniors in the country that have taken the PSAT this Fall. Yea Baby! Here's hopin' all your college dreams come true!!!
(That means he is a semi-finalist to be a National Merit Scholar - he has to be in the upper half of that 1% to be a finalist.)

Wow, congrats to the Teen! That's fantastic!
Congrats to the Teen - that is fantastic! And your socks are lovely - but I know what you mean about patterns with purling. :)

Looking forward to seeing those lovely goodies in more detail!
Way to Go Teen. I see Duke in your future. The socks look great too.
Big Congrats to Teen! That is HUGE.

Love the socks - So I assume that it is not wrong that I purposely choose patterns that have minimal purling.

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How can you possibly be behind? I think Teen got his overachieving tendencies from you. Congrats to him. What a fabulous thing!
Yay, Teen! That's very impressive. The top 1%? Fabulous.

It's the purling. (Socks, not the Teen. ;)
Love the socks. And that your son did so well on PSAT! Congratulations, to both of you.
Congrats, Teen! And lovely socks.
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