Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HSKS6 Swag:
I received my package from Brimley Shale last week, what a day! I opened my package last week, and this is the first thing that met my gaze. I am not sure what the yarn is, but it is a lovely, buttery color with a very sweet ribbon fringe. (Hufflepuff colors, don't you know...)Here it is in all it's lovely crocheted glory!
(Anyone else watching Eli Stone this season? I LOVE Patty.)

Look what was underneath that shawl! I had to stop and look at it for just a few moments. I don't know if I can even tell you everything that was in there.

Here it is spread out in all it's glory. There are all three of Gigi Silva's HP sock patterns, (that's a Ravelry link) Nagini, Fawkes and Bellatrix. Some Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate buttons, there's a citrus Soak sample size, that little black container is a container of Might Imps Licorice Pellets (yum). There are fifteen yellow and black stitch markers in that mesh bag. There's a cookie cutter filled with chocolate, a Harry Potter Time-Turner necklace. Back there in the corner is some Treacle toffee and a tin of Treacle shortbread. Phew! I am out of breath from typing that - but THAT'S not all!

She sent me some Faery Fiber Sock Yarn - the blue and yellow one is the Cedric colorway, the little on is a Hufflepuff mini-skein.

There's a Harry Potter picture book there in the back and the last thing in the bottom of the box was the book you see in the corner - with a Harry Potter bookmark in it!

Thanks Brimley - you have provided me with weeks of fun!

Wow! Those are excellent sock yarns. And everything else... Wow.
Wow! You'll be busy for the whole holiday break with that surprise.

can we discuss my word verification?
ordomant -

WHAT is that supposed to mean? Does it mean I smell or is is something to do with my dormant knitting?
Nice swap pack!!
Wow, great surprise. What nice things.
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