Sunday, November 02, 2008

What You Have Here...

Is a still-life of my desk on any given day. This day I received one of my club-type goodie boxes! This is the Madelinetosh gorgeousness. It's called Nocturne Pastoral, a 50% Merino wool/50% silk worsted weight. I am thinking a cowl of some sort because this is just too soft for my feet. I'd also like about a million yards more because, yum. That other glow-y skein back there is some Araucania, because I just don't have enough sock yarn. See my desk supply of hand lotion? I have the most miserable cuticles this side of Autumn and the lotion is the only thing that saves me.

Puck and I made it through a very sad Wild game on Thursday night, and we couldn't even watch tonight's game because, "No TV". Bah!

But, I got to hand out the M&M's last night and listen to the EP HS Football game. What a great game, they were neck and neck with Hopkins, but pulled it out in the end (I think they won by 9 points), now they get to play Blaine on Thursday in the quarter-finals. I wandered in to watch the Gopher's play Hockey against MSU, a crazy tied-up game! Saturday night was no contest - 6-3 Gophers! Of course, the Gophers Football team was not so lucky against Northwestern. I actually finished up my Mystery Socks last night! We'll have some pictures tomorrow when I have some daylight.

Oh, that's some pretty yarn. I'm just going to sit here and imagine how soft it is.
Busy sport's weekend!! Good thing you have yarn to retreat to!
Love that deep blue!
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