Friday, November 14, 2008

Still Life Friday.

I have a tendency to multi-task. That is my Kindle, the LaLa Shawl, my phone, my finished socks, Interweave's Favorite Socks book, my portable DVD player and the remote for my little office TV. The only thing missing is my iPod (I took it off the desk so I could go hop on the treadmill.) The shawl is growing and will soon be my favorite new knit thing to bring to the hockey rink. (Puck's team tied their game last night 2-2; it was a scary thing.)

Yet another cast on - I'm back in the blues again, can you tell? Bulky Boot Socks. More details as we go along...I'm too distracted right now by this!

Twist Collective - Winter '08. I want to knit Heroine, Sweet Pea Jacket, Gytha, Ariosa Cowl, Licorice Stick Socks, Garbo, Rebecca, Vaila and Kingscot. That's just the first time through! Hmmm. That's almost $60 in patterns, I better re-think my plans. There were definitely one or two that made me catch my breath. I have been waiting for this issue to go live for the last three weeks or so, and I must say, at just a quick glance this morning, it did not disappoint. I especially loved the Heroine jacket knit out of Cascade 220.

My boss just got a Kindle and at first I thought it'd be great for reading while knitting, but it should have a feature where you can set the pages to turn automatically. Wouldn't that be great?
The Ariosa Cowl would make holiday gift knitting..... might have to invest in that pattern.

LOVE your sock knitting pouch - its so much cuter than my plastic ziploc ;)
But see, if you go on a yarn diet, you could still buy patterns, right?
Amazing multitasking! I just have my book and bookstand, computer/music, knitting, and a cat.
gadget girl! : ) I envy you your kindle.
Oooh, Heroine and Sweet Pea coat are going on my list.

Multitasking is a good thing! We'd never pay attn otherwise.
yeah... i want to do the sweet pea too...great patterns.
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