Sunday, November 02, 2008

Socktoberfest Mystery Socks - Done!

She actually wrote this pattern in a couple versions with a cable, but I just happened to choose the one size that she did not write the cable version for, so just little wigglies all the way down.

Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock (that is a Ravelry link, if you're not a Ravelry subscriber, the pattern is also here.) by Kirsten Kapur Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks Color: Green Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's 2.75 mm Started: October 5, 2008 Completed: October 31, 2008. Note: This generous yarn makes for fantastic, soft socks. Perhaps a little splitty with all the yarnovers in this pattern, but very comforting in the finished product. Also - with the exception of the cuff, I may have even achieved enough matchiness for Chris!

I survived a weekend of sports, next weekend I get to be the only person in my house for three whole days. Yes, it's the annual South Dakota "Yute" Hunt (spoken with a Lawrence Welk accent - cause they-re hunting where he was born!) I plan on much finishing of projects.

I plan on voting tomorrow. I'm going to get in my car the minute kids are out the door and drive over to the church where I cast my vote. I don't care who you vote for (well, I do, but it's none of my business), but I want everybody I know to vote. Please. VOTE! If you're still undecided - go visit my friend Cursing Mama - she's got lots of information to share.

On a pause-inducing note. My Teen gets to vote in the 2010 election. Gulp.

Speaking of The Teen...
Also? The Teen has been volunteering at a local place called the Vail Place (his grandma volunteers there and he likes her a lot so it was easy to convince him it would be a good idea to volunteer as well.) I got feedback yesterday on how wonderful and mature he is with the clients there, they all love him to pieces and have adopted him as their mascot. Now, if I could just get his grandma to quit calling him her "Doogie Hauser". Click over and read about what they do there - it's pretty cool.

3 solo days!?! Perhaps I should encourage my family to start hunting . . . or something. Enjoy the sound of silence.
I don't have much green in my wardrobe, but those greens are really pretty!
Pretty! You'll have to do the cabley version, too. :)

Oh, enjoy your weekend! And I am all set to head over to vote tomorrow morning. One block away - really, I never have an excuse not to vote, do I?
Wow, those are pretty matchy stripes! Sweet.

I cannot believe anyone could be undecided after all this time. Surely there's one or more dealbreakers with the one of them by now.
I love those socks and we keep our fingers crossed here in the rest of the world for what you folks are voting for today! Look here what we would vote:
Great socks! And yes, we voted this morning.
Love the socks, they are very matchy & I bet would totally pass the Chris test! Thanks for the link - hopefully tomorrow I will get to have a very happy themed post...please no hanging chads
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