Monday, November 10, 2008

"Radiance" and "Rosebud"!
The Secret Service gave the Obama girls the cutest nicknames - I'm waiting for someone to make a kids' pattern to knit and wouldn't that be a great name? - because - why not? Malia is "Radiance" and Sasha is "Rosebud". How fitting. (Not sure about Mama Obama's nickname...Aaah - the Google Fu is powerful today - Barack is "Renegade" and Michelle is "Renaissance".) I think someone in the Secret Service has a longing to be a poet.

Can you even see these cute little stitch markers that I picked up off of Etsy last week? Clicky to see a better view - mine is kind of tiny. These were from Three Fates Knitting and they are currently adorning this project:

This project? Needs to get done really quickly, because I am freezing my hinder off here - already. Lala's Simple Shawl is a free Rav download. This is my Wisconsin Alpaca yarn and so, so, so, so soft.

Looks like you've got a start. I started a simple garter stitch shawl for myself as well. So COOOLD!

As for your question about Thanksgiving weekend, we're waiting for tryouts for JV next week. If Hockeyman makes the JV team, we'll have a game on Saturday and have to stay in town. He doesn't make it, I may head home to see my family in Iowa. I'll keep you posted.
Wait, don't you have a lovely sweater or two to keep you warm??
I like that shawl and have downloaded the pattern, too.
Looks like a nice pattern. And there hasn't been a first family this pretty since the Kennedys!
I didn't know that . .. about the nicknames. They are beautiful girls. I hope the press leaves them alone.

Off to check out your shawl pattern on Rav!

ps. Is your house still empty?
Define "Simple".....
It is always interesting the nicknames that are created for protection. Although they probably aren't the ones that will be used since they are out in the public sphere now.

And the cold weather is hitting here in the mid-Atlantic as well.
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