Monday, November 17, 2008

Progress Report.

Puck had three hockey games in the last four days. Thursday night was a tie 2-2 (against Prior Lake), Saturday night was a tie 3-3 (against Edina!), and last night they won 3-0 (or was it 2-0?) against Apple Valley! Puck had 4 shots on goal on Saturday night, he was on fire! Last night he played Defense, lots of skating backwards, but they helped the Goalie get his shutout. In the meantime, there has been knitting:

I cracked into the fifth skein of yarn on this sweater:

Which is going to look like this someday:

As soon as I make my way through the miles of stockinette that is the lower half of the body.

My LaLa's Simple Shawl is blocking:

I bought this Alpaca directly from the farm, it was very loosely spun and had quite a lot of bits of straw in it. The water that I soaked it in was VERY grey. We'll have some beauty shots later this week - hopefully the sun will stay out. I have 5 oz left of this yarn - I am thinking of knitting the ariosa neckwarmer from the (doubled)leftovers.

I've shopped the stash and pulled out some Berrocco Peruvia in a pretty blue color. I plan on casting this lovely sweater on next.

copyright © Wendy Bernard

This is from her Custom Knits book, which has multiple sweaters that I hope to knit. I do love her tendency to design top-down sweaters. It's not that I can't seam, it's just that I have very little patience for it.

Kids' sports are in a quiet stretch for the rest of the week, that means I have to start making my list for Thanksgiving groceries. I wonder if I can sneak a nap in somewhere? In the meantime, Bloglines has been goofy all weekend so I am going nuts trying to figure out what I am missing out there in the Blogosphere...

Ooo, can't wait to see the FO sweater! I want to knit an ariosa too. : )
Yay, Puck!!

That sweater is going to be really gorgeous when it's done and the next in queue looks like a really versatile sweater.
Looking forward to your imminent FO sweater!

Time to switch to Google Reader? It's easy to do. And so much less frustrating.
oooh, I was just admiring that same sweater on either Ravelry or someone's blog this past weekend. It looked very nice on her - but I think she was a bit unhappy with how wide the neckline ended up. I really love seeing all the sweaters you are doing!

Can you knit during hockey, or does it demand high-intensity viewing? Sounds like you spend a lot of time with the talented Puck!
I love both of those sweaters! Must check out the Cutom Knits book. I want to make the yellow one!
Wish we were living in the same town... I would do the stockinette for you with pleasure. Great television knitting. I'm afraid I'll order the Custom Knits book, beautiful and simple sweater.
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