Sunday, November 09, 2008


This weekend on my own has been very relaxing and very productive. Two socks came off the needles yesterday. That's the first Scrolls sock and the pair of Seaweed Socks from Wendy Johnson. I'm getting much better on the toe-up cast-on (though still not my favorite).

Pattern: Seaweed Socks from Wendy Johnson (that is a free PDF). Yarn: Unwind Yarn Company Handpainted Superwash Sock Yarn (that is Craftygirl83 - she has an etsy shop here). The color is called Sarasota. Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's 2.25 mm Started: October 27, 2008 Completed: November 7, 2008.

Note: This pattern is really gorgeous - the yarn has a nice base - I could wish for a little less of the gray tones in the color - but hey! I bought it.

I am working on my short row heels - I’ve got the wrap and turn down - it’s a matter of how deep I make them.

It's been a weekend of sports, knitting and movies, all sorts. Mom and I went to see Changeling on Friday night, very excellent movie. I have to say the treatment of the women in this story had me FURIOUS. (OK, Angelina needs to gain some SERIOUS weight, her arms and hands are grotesque.) Our EP Eagles lost this week - guess they had to lose sometime. There was some great hockey to watch; Gophers and the Wild, though the results were mixed. The Vikes are actually looking like they know how to play today. There is some leaf-raking on the agenda for later this afternoon. Really, what more could a mom ask for?


How about good grades (from my kids, I mean.)? The Middle School and High School quarters ended this Friday, the Teen turned in one of his best performances so far. Educating our Teen has been a delight and a challenge. I feel like we've been pushing him in one of those Flinstone cars with the stone wheels, and he finally put his feet down and started moving on his own, and I can't keep up! He's a Junior this year and he's become obsessed at looking at colleges. He and his dad went down to Madison over MEA, but he wants to go out and visit John Hopkins and Duke University. When I think of the struggles he's had to get this far, and I see his hopes and aspirations - well - I couldn't be more thrilled. (I'm not giving Puck short-shrift here, I'll brag on him at a later date, but frankly, his challenges have been different than his brother's.)

How does Mom feel about Teen going to the East Coast for college???? I am already starting to see the differences in challenges with my girls even though they are still young. It is amazing how all children are different.
Yay for good grades from your kids! And for getting two socks off your needles.
He must get his schmahtz from somewhere! You or the mister?
Your short row heels look perfect! Nice job.
Congrats to the kiddos on the grades!!

Another lovely pair of socks. Have you tried the toe-up cast on that's linked in my sidebar? It's VERY, very easy.
Yay for your Teen! That's so cool!
We too were treated to one of the best report cards ever from Gameboy - although they aren't final grades as he is on semesters. Maybe it has something to do with becoming a Junior and realizing that mom won't always be there...of course mom's know better ;)
Nice socks, as always. And nice grades, Teen!
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