Friday, November 21, 2008


(Or, how to cram three days worth of posts into one!)

I have to say I was thoroughly bored, and slightly dismayed by Twilight, this weeks latest "pop culture" sensation. I could hardly contain the eye-rolling, and I LIKE most of the vampire/werewolf/wizard genre. That book was another creature altogether.

So, to cleanse the palate, I loaded this onto my Kindle:

I have not finished it yet, but this is a well-written and fascinating book. I have been intrigued with the Mormon/LDS religion for quite a while now (I've been a Scrapbooker for the last ten years or so and I do believe Utah to be the Mecca of all Scrapbooking...), the few facts I've gleaned often had me drop-mouthed. I mean, holy underwear? Two wedding ceremonies with two wedding dresses, with a bunch of other couples at your church ceremony? I've often been left thinking, "Huh?" This book has had me riveted for the last four days. It's the combined story of a young man excommunicated from one of the polygamy cults that is an offshoot of the original LDS religion, combined with the story of Brigham Young's 19th Wife, Ann Eliza, who was instrumental in the discontinuation of Polygamy as practiced by the Mormons. This is fiction, but it contains quite a bit of history in it. I'm not a great book reviewer - so check out what they have to say over at Amazon. It's a nice change from sparkling vampires - ugh.

La La's Simple Shawl

Pattern: La La's Simple Shawl by Laura Linnerman (the link is to Ravelry - but it's a free download Yarn: Some handspun Alpaca Blend that I bought at the Cranberry Festival this Fall in Stone Lake, Wisconsin from Rollingwood Farms. Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Circ's US size 7 Started: November 7, 2008 Completed: November 17, 2008.

Note: This will be lovely and warm. I could have made it quite a bit larger, but I just wanted it big enough to wrap around my neck with my winter coat.

The Teen

Teen auditioned for the Wind Ensemble at the High School this year. He is required to wear a tuxedo for all performances. This is a picture of their first performance this year - he is the Tuba on the left. I know, you can't see him, he likes it that way. Take my word for it, he looked quite dashing. He is the only new Tuba player in the Wind Ensemble this year.

Lush and Lacy Cardigan

What do you think of this one? This is over at and I quite like some of the other examples I've seen on Ravelry. I might leave the pockets off.

Do I have startitis? Why, yes, you might say that.

I've got some of Terry Ross' Simple Pleasure socks ready to cast on from some JoJoland Melody. I know, I should stop, but I am finishing things too! As a matter of fact, the Duckies are ready to come of the needles this afternoon. Really.

Why yes, I have dropped off the face of the earth, but I just had to voice my agreement with your assessment of Twilight. I spend the whole book wanting to shake the living you-know-what out of the female lead, whose name I no longer remember.
Did not even pick Twilight up. Love the shawl - and continued to be mystified by the 10 days it takes you to make ANYTHING! GAH!!!!

Are you taking the Bohus class at the Swedish Institute? Maybe that would take you more than 10 days ;)
I couldn't finish Twilight. Sorry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a far superior storytelling vehicle for vampire legends.
What a great, cozy shawl! : )

I did manage to get through Twilight. It's like bubble-gum, too sweet and insubstantial.
I'm reading The 19th Wife right now and I like it too, though it keeps reminding me of Big Love.

On another note, when my husband was a teen he too had a tux for youth symphony performances and he ended up going to at least 10 proms with various girls. He claims that it was because he already owned a tux, but I'm not so sure.
It's interesting that you went from the heavily influenced by Mormon beliefs Twilight to a book about Mormons. :) Yeah, give me Sookie Stackhouse over Bella any day.

Congrats to the Teen!
You should check out some of the "True Blood" influence "Ravatars" on the True Blood Ravelry site. They manage to nicely combine the Sookie Stackhouse (over sexed, IMHO!) reality with the "Twilight" mythos. And in a very funny way! Bella almost always looks like she took just a little too much cold medicine . . .
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Hey there stranger, glad to see you're still knitting a million things in a week...

I just used that sock pattern for someone in a single sock swap. It's really fun to knit, I think you'll like it. Makes the sock feel really cushy!
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