Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted at 8:30 this morning, how about you?

I love how everyone has a story, an opinion, or inspiration. One thing we all seem to share this year is our determination that our voices be heard. My friend Yvonne in Amsterdam emailed me this morning, I could tell she was hesitant to voice her opinion directly to me, but she sent me a website and said, "Look here what we would vote:" www.voteforpresident.com

The world has hope for us, people.

Another thing I hope we all are sharing is a prayer or a thought for Barack's grandmother, may she rest in peace.

And, finally, speaking of hope,

isn't this Cider Moon pretty?

This one is already finished!

We'll see you all on the other side!

We really live with you all these days... It will be five in our morning when the result will be known. We could ask for an sms (text message on a cellphone)to get the final result. I presume and hope it will be a very joyful very early wake up call.
doing a little dance -
should've been a bigger better dance but things did not go 100% my way....unless the recount reveals some shenanigans....then I'll institute a bigger better dance.
I've gotten a number of emails from friends outside the US who are very happy for us (and the world) today.
Dancing... :o)
My family and friends over seas are celebrating. so am i.
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