Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The newest cast-on from yours truly. I really should think about a few pictures from the life besides knitting. I've become just a little monotonous. These are the Duckies socks from Samantha Hayes. It's a free Ravelry download, but you can also get it from her website aquaknits. I am using J Knits Superwash in the Alaska colorway. You can see it's sitting right next to my LaLa's Simple Shawl on my desk, which is the next project due to be picked up.

Scrolls Socks

Pattern: Scroll Socks by Anni Design (I got the pattern through Sockamania - but the pattern is available for purchase through her Etsy shop.) Yarn: Cider Moon Blizzard in the Apple Crisp colorway. (Cider Moon yarn is no longer available, but the color half of that former dyeing duo now sells yarn through their Etsy store. Her Etsy name is Yarnzombie - but the store is called Gaslight Dyeworks.) Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's 2.5 mm Started: November 4, 2008 Completed: November 12, 2008.

Note: A typical Anni pattern cute, stretchy, easy to remember the repeat.

Now I have to go pick up skates from being sharpened because we have Hockey tonight, and tomorrow, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If I bring my knitting, how many project do you think I can finish?

Love the color in your socks!
No matter how hard I try I cannot knit at the rink... Not sure if its the rink or my inability to flap my jaws and knit at the same time!

Apple crisp sounds delicious for dinner now......
Your Scrolls turned out great!
I wouldn't mind a little hard cider.....cute Duckie socks! I love your Scroll socks.

How many projects can you finish during a weekend of hockey? It depends on the game......:)
More than I could. It never ceases to amaze me at how quick you crank out a pair of socks. About saying "No" to the little guy, it is hard but I have to do it since I am the Mom. His cuteness has gotten him out of alot of trouble.
Missed seeing your socks! Is the Scrolls pattern for November?

(hee word verification is 'mantick')
I can't knit at the rink, either. I drag the ol' knittin' bag everywhere but am amazed how many places I DON'T knit.

Love all the socks. I've been off the sock kick for awhile and need to get back - soon.
Okay, do you have an entire dresser just for socks? Because you are the fastest sock knitter ever!
Lovely socks! I haven't knit any of the Sockamania patterns since May I think... but I love the November one, so I'll make an effort!
Love your Scroll socks. They are on my list too... love the blue colour.
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