Friday, October 31, 2008

So Tired, People.

I have been spending most of the week running around getting things prepared for my Darling Husband to go hunting this weekend. He is gone now so I get to relax. I've picked away at the socks on the needles this weekend (there is a sweater too, but progress is less obvious on that project - stockinette - gah.)

I took Puck to see the Wild game last night. Very disappointing, they are definitely going to have to pick it up if they want to be contenders this year. We had great seats though (yay for Craig's List!)

High School Hockey tonight, and I think there might be some Gophers Hockey to watch as well, that bodes well for the WIP's. I'll put it on the computer while I give out candy.

Oh, and I pulled together another project. This yarn needed to come out of my stash so there it is. This is the pattern for Conversational from Terry Ross Designs (OMGoodness, she has a pattern called Tangled Faeries!!! (Ravelry page) I am in LOVE, and the yarn is LuLu's Yarns in the Alpi colorway.

I'm going to curl up in the couch with the knitting and some videos now. Happy Haunting!

fortunately my hopeful knitting won't be interrupted by trick or treaters tonight - The Princess is on door duty! I am hoping to turn a heel....Hope burns eternal ;)
Mwwoo ha ha haaaa. There should be a tradition when knitters can go door to door and hold out their knitting bags and get unloved yarn from other stashes. Now wouldn't that be fun.

Gotta go! Off to check out those Tangled Faeries!
Sounds like a great evening! Happy Halloween!
Is that the Ty Dy yarn? I just got some today at Amazing Threads. They had some yarn on sale (not that one) but even some Noro. Sale on tomorrow, too.
I missed the last Wild game - rehearsal for Christmas Carol. But the Gopher game tonight was WILD! How 'bout that Maverick Goalie! What a game for him, gash notwithstanding.
That Alpi colourway is so beautiful...
OOh, I really want to do Rani's idea next year.

The Alpi colorway is pretty. Hope you're a little rested!
Again with the bowl!
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