Sunday, October 12, 2008


I finally picked up this pair of socks again. (Remember the Whistle Bait pattern?) Love this pattern, and love the look of this yarn, but it is soooo sticky that it makes my hands hurt to knit with it. My plan is to try to do one pattern repeat a day and then just put it down. I should be done in two weeks - hah!

I intend to make up for the slowness of that pr0ject by knitting furiously on my Baby Cables sweater and casting on another pair of socks. Hmmm. What will it be? I certainly have a pile of patterns waiting for me (yarn too for that matter.) Well, there's football to watch today so I should make some progress on whatever I pick up. By the way - how's about those Gophers!!!! Who would have guessed they could take on the Illini? Whooo!

Puck has his first playoff game Monday night. They should win against this team, but all bets are off after Monday night. Tonight, we find out which hockey team he's on, fingers are crossed for the good coach and friends to play with.

Good planning! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
But, oh, the color is lovely!
Do you have some more slippery needles? Would that help?
My 4 arm theory stands.
I have my fingers crossed for Puck - I do know the importance of getting on the good team; but I wonder, do you know the difference between a Hockey mom & a pit bull?

sorry - it was too easy ;)
Go PUCK Go! Here's to Happy Hocky Knitting.
That yarn might just be my favorite color. . . . lovely!
Even your slow socks are going faster than my socks. Of course, you seem to be working on yours. :o)
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