Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pretties & WIP's

I said there were more pretties, and I was not lying. I joined the Madelinetosh yarn club about six weeks ago and I got my first shipment last week. Inadvertently, she matched my Alpaca theme. Definitely worthy of the stash.

The second installation of the Mystery Sock pattern for Soctoberfest. Not knowing what color will be next is a great addition to the Mystery Sock knitting pleasure. The combination of this yarn and this pattern are really a knockout.

So this afternoon is a Gopher's game knitting extravaganza. I am torn on my evening activities. It is a GORGEOUS day and the High School has its annual Marching Band demonstration - 5-7 different schools travel to the Twin Cities for a competition, and the day after EPHS holds an exhibition performance. Flying the Geek flag here and showing you my love for the Marching Band. However, the Wild play tonight and how do I pass that over?

Coming up: More pretty and more WIP!

The Mystery Sock is coming really nice, I love the colors of the yarn!
That yarn is really lovely! So... which evening activity did you choose?
those greens (and off whites) are absolutely lovely! great pattern too.
Nice Mystery Sock! And I love your new yarn. Gorgeous color.
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