Monday, October 06, 2008

The Post Office Hates Me.

Seriously. (Warning - this contains a rant of sorts, but when it's over, I have an FO!)

Since we have lived in this house (2001), we have had two occasions of Bank Fraud committed against us. The first time, cost us only headaches and time. The second time, we lost a chunk of money - never to be found again. A sick-making amount of money. These crimes were begun in our mailbox - things stolen out of our mailbox. I am justifiably paranoid about leaving our mailbox unattended when we go out of town. I didn't realize until the beginning of last Summer that the Post Office will not hold mail for less than three days. (So, Friday, Saturday, Monday counts, but they won't hold it for just Friday and Saturday - our usual cabin jaunt.) I bemoaned the situation to my mail carrier, and he suggested that I fill out the hold form for three days - indicate I will pick up the mail at the end of the three days, and just go pick it up early. I've had to do that about a half dozen times this Summer and Fall. Today, the Supervisor yelled at me and told me I couldn't keep doing it. Does anybody understand why this is causing them such an issue, other than it's not covered by their rules? I pick up the mail so my carrier does not have to deliver a big box of mail. He still is not delivering the mail for three days. Their suggestion was that I rent a PO box and come pick up my mail every day. Yea, right, they want me to drive three miles one way to pick up my mail. As far as I know, the Post Office supports itself, so they are a business - run by the US government - but a business; doesn't that make me a customer? I am so confused about why they have their undies in a bundle over this.

Rant Over!

Mr. Greenjeans!

Pattern: Mr. Greenjeans from Yarn: Dream in Color Classy (The Loopy Ewe doesn't have this color, but I'm lovin' the Butter Peeps colorway.) Color: Lipstick Lava Needles: Knitpicks Harmony Circs in sizes 8 and 6 Started: September 8, 2008 Completed: September 28, 2008. Note: Easy pattern, quick knit. The actual knitting and sewing together only took me twenty days. The yarn is yummy and I used four skeins.

I actually have one other FO's and two WIP's to come this week. Stay posted.

Also - Puck's last regular season football game tomorrow - cross your fingers that the rest of their team stays uninjured!!!

Eagle Hunt!

I was at the cabin this weekend, but the local High School Football team had a huge game against Minnetonka HS. I've got to tell you how clever those 'Tonka kids are! Our team mascot is the Eagle (theirs is the Skippers - don't get me started on bad team names.) It was 'Tonka's Homecoming, so they had tee shirts made in blaze orange and camo - with the phrase "Homecoming 2008 - The Eagle Hunt" printed on them. How clever is that! I guess their stands were solid orange on Friday night. (Unfortunately, 'Tonka lost, cause the Eagles are more of a steamroller team than a bird to be hunted.) You've got to like the spirit though!

Wherever you live the mailorganisations seem to have rules that suit themselves and not their customers. But Mr. PurplePink is very very beautiful.
I've often wondered why the post office hasn't moved to "gang' style mailboxes in every neighborhood. They would all be locked - and there would be a lot less driving around.
Mr Greenjeans is fabulous!

Grr, the Post Office. (Although my mail carriers are lovely wonderful people but the bureaucrats that make up the rules? Gah).

Why should you care about their petty rules and why should you stop doing it? You're the one hoofing it to the PO box, they have to sort your mail whether they deliver it to your house or hold in in the office. It's not as if they're going to reimburse you for any mail fraud you incur.

But maybe you should play their game and wait the extra day next time. And then erratically after that.
Mimiwonton here back from swapbot days! We got a mailbox that has a false bottom that you drop out when you are going to be gone. The mail drops to the bottom of the post-box and you open it with a key. When you are home just keep the bottom in! Check it out might work for you!
Is there anyone in your neighborhood who can pick up your mail for you and you can pick it up on Sunday???

Mr Lipstick Jeans looks lovely. :)
Since you're already ticked at the Post Office I've got another little known fact to get you - if you are a business and have the post office deliver to your business daily it is free, part of their price of doing business. If, however,you decided they deliver later than you want and you are willing to drive daily to the post office and pick up your own mail-saving them the driver time - you have to pay to be allowed to pick it up. I find this totally insane!

Oh well - knitting cures all ills.
Um - the sweater is gorgeous!!!
Beautiful Mr. Greenjeans! Love the button, too. Does it sparkle, or is it my monitor?
Lovely sweater! What about a locking mailbox? My MIL had RD address for years and had problems with her mail too. Locking box on a steel post to the rescue!
That PO thing makes me so mad.

BUT the FO makes me so happy.

PS. I grew up a skipper and never like it. For a while we switched to Skip the Duck. Boy, that did NOT work well with opposing team chants.

One of floats in MHS parade had some dudes grilling cornish hens and big signs that said, "Free, all you can eat Eagle BBQ" It was kind of funny.
Let me guess: this is the stellar EP post office you're talking about. Gah, I hate that place. I've been in there at lunchtime on a weekday, with a line out the door, and watched clerks close their counters so they could go have lunch. No customer service whatsoever.

I know what you mean about mail paranoia.
Since you don't post your name, I can't ask my wife, but, did you grow up in Excelsior? If so, I am guessing you know my wife.
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