Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ooooo - Mystery Sock!

This is the Mystery Sock Pattern from the author of Through the Loops store and blog. She is offering the pattern over in a group at Ravelry. So far she has posted just this part of the cuff. This is my new Ty-Dy yarn from Yarn4Socks. I posted some pictures earlier last week. This sock is going to be VERY soft and VERY squooshy.

So, somebody left me an anonymous comment yesterday about the Cider Moon split. She gave a link to a new company name. As far as I'm aware - the woman who did the bulk of the dying and color creation is here: http://yarnzombie.net

Puck's big game is tonight - wish us luck!

ETA: Also? Did you ever wonder exactly what the Keating Five was all about? Check it out here, also here.

I can hardly manage to knit socks with the whole pattern known to me - so I'll enjoy this mystery from the side lines.

I've got a big Keating 5 post planned for Sunday - but I can never have too much information! ;)
Boy I hope someone in tonights town hall calls him on it.....PLEASE!!!
How come there is so much white in the cuff? It doesn't show in the skein?
I can't believe how soft this yarn is, it's going to be a pleasure wearing them!
that yarn certainly looks interesting... although I'm resigned to say no to more yarn!!! I just don't knit as fast as you. :)

I thought it was hilarious how quickly Keating 5 came up after the other campaign started dredging up older items--- the difference, of course, is that the Keating 5 scandal is connected to our current finanical crisis in terms of deregulation.

We're almost to the end of the campaigns!!!
Yarn Zombie - what an amusing name!
I gotta get going on that sock...since I still can't find the old one. Wonder if it's under the bed with the straws and pens???
Pretty color for yarn zombie!

I like the yarn, too.
How'd the game go? I've been so far out of touch, I didn't realize the football season was started, much less ending. Ugggh!
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