Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One! One Mystery Sock! Mwah ha ha ha!
(Um - way too much Sesame Street over my Lifetime)

This yarn is incredibly soft. So soft and squishy.

Oh, and look:
a toe! These are my Seaweed Socks. Sometimes I can't help myself from casting on. For those who've asked, I've a pile started to wrap up for Christmas this year. But I do wear most of my socks.

In the spirit of distraction, look at this really cute vest:

I haven't tried colorwork yet, but this tempts me. The pattern is part of an online e-book over at the Knitty Professors. The e-book contains a couple of cute cardis too. Check it out. I plan on using up some stash this Winter.

Hubby took me to the Wild game last night and we had a great time hanging over the ledge at the Xcel cheering the guys on! I may go back on Thursday and take Puck with me. Teen is more interested in music than sports; he gets some tickets to TSO in December.

On another topic, has anyone watched Life on Mars yet? Wow, this is a weird show, but I am totally addicted.

So, Lif on Mars is getting better. I'm afraid of getting addicted to it like I did with Journeyman...then they'll just take it away!!
Very interesting sock. It does look squishy.
TSO is great fun. We went last year. This year? Next weekend? Tenacious D and the Beastie Boys. Woo hoo.
I love the stitch pattern on those socks.
I keep hinting to DH about tickets to TSO for our early December anniversary but he says he's too young for it. Hmmph.
The George Sand vest is a great first colorwork project. You use Noro kureyon or something like that for the colors, so you only have to deal with two strands of yarn. You should definitely try it out! It goes really fast.
Sweet socks and I love the vest. I have to say you have excellent taste.

Woot - go WILD! It's been a tough choice between watching the Wild and the Gophers on the weekend. I'm seriously considering getting a second television for the bedroom so we can watch both at once.
Those look like ultra squooshy socks--very nice! Haven't seen that show yet...
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