Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No Spider Infestations Here!

But somehow, I don't think spiders are required to keep people away. (Pew.)

My neighbors are in the midst of moisture intrusion repair and their work crew has their own Biff. The three neighbor girls (or was it the dad?) decided the work crew needed festive holiday decor.

Knitting is happening furiously here - but no pretty new pictures to show you yet! Puck's big semi-final playoff game is tonight - so there will be a football update tomorrow!

Go Puck!

~ moisture intrusion **shudder**
That usually brings all sorts of bugs.....
Wow. OK. That's just--wow.
Well, did you look inside? Maybe there are spiders inside!

Go, Puck! Go go go!
That's just so - festive???
Uh. Festive. Suuuure. I would a thousand time rather Valentine's Day than Halloween. One is annoying and sappy and the other is scary.

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