Friday, October 17, 2008

My Pretty, Pretty Bowl.

Miss T expressed her admiration for my wooden bowl.
For the last five years I have been attending the Stone Lake (WI) Cranberry Festival (which has tons of vendors - usually the same old cr** - if you know what I mean.) There has been an elderly gentleman there every year selling his hand-turned bowls. This one I am particularly thrilled with - he placed a piece of Jasper in the wood before he finished the bowl and it's really lovely. The best part about it - he sells these beautiful pieces for about 1/3 of what you could buy them for in any tourist-tchotchke shop. I buy a couple of them every year. I have three in the house and four in the cabin. He and his son are as nice as they can be, and I pray every year that he is still there.

So I've pulled out some Autumnal-colored sock yarns to cast on over the next month, this is the first one on my list:

I'm going to knit the Autumn Lace Socks (that is a Ravelry link) - this pattern is from the Six Sox Knitalong and is a free pattern - you just need to sign up for the Yahoo Group. The yarn is Chewy Spaghetti from TLE.

Pretty yarn! And really cool bowl - I admired it yesterday, too. I wonder if Miss T will send you to the festival next year with an order? ;)
The bowl is very, very special.
I thought it was a coconut!!
Indeed. Beautiful. Especially the one with the jasper.
Awesome bowl. I'm glad someone asked about it so we could get some more pics!
I might have to go to that festival next year. I'm completely smitten with those bowls.
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