Wednesday, October 01, 2008


That's me.

I bought these last week after I saw this post. That Pink girl tempts me too often. So I ran over to Y4socks, and bought these two beauties. Now, I am prepared to participate in the Mystery Sock KAL - I think I'll use the greens to start.

I cast on my Baby Cables yesterday, and Greenjeans is soaking in the Soak for the blocking. I have sock progress to show you, and an HSKS quiz to get out of the way, so I'll be on the 'puter today.

In the meantime, more football tonight. We are missing only one of the kids who was injured last week - can't really play football with an over-the-elbow cast. Thank goodness we only have four more games. Of course, hockey starts in 12 days.
ETA: I totally forgot to mention this update! If you are in the mood for Sophie's Toes, best get over there this morning!

I'm supposed to be in a yarn diet, but I'm feeling very tempted by that Painted Desert colorway. I have it in my shopping cart, but I have yet to purchase...
You really are. But you knew that. :o)
Yummy Yarn!
I jumped on that KAL too! I'm bored with my ice cream sock - plus, I can't find it!!
I'm not supposed to buy any new yarn until I finish 1 WIP - - I just may be breaking rules.

RE Debs MIA Sock - - ask her if she checked Sami's secret lair of objects too tempting to resist.
Guess what? I looooove the green one! And what do you mean by a over-the-elbow cast? What happened? What did he break? A little elbow thing that helps the arm turn? Oh my....
Teaser!!! I love the new sock yarn. Very pretty for Halloween.
There's just something about that sock yarn that you got from Yarn4Socks...
Oooh. Pretty!
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