Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Da Bowls...

I had to back up my bragging and show you how seriously beautiful these bowls are. The first bowl I ever bought from this gentleman was this one:This was carved from Locust - he's signed each bowl and noted the type of wood on the bottom of most.
I did not pay much more than $25 for each one of these bowls. This next one sits on top of the TV cabinet at the cabin (see my nephew's cute smile back there?) There are a couple of remote controls in there.

This was carved from Cottonwood. See how beautifully the wood grain shows?

This next bowl holds a bunch of rocks Puck picked up on the shores of Lake Superior.

This is made from Cherrywood. Isn't that light stunning? (The table is reclaimed barn wood that my SIL loaned to us for our cabin.)

This next one sits on my bedside table. This is made from Spalted Applewood.

See his beautiful handwriting? Russ Lindblad 2003.

This one sits on my husband's side of the bed at the cabin. He stores his spare change and a shotgun cartridge. Yea, I know. There's an issue of Field & Stream there too. He didn't list the wood on this one. The boys regularly raid these last two bowls for quarters when we go to Friday Night Fish Fry so they can play video games while we wait for a table.

Here's another one I have at home. He didn't write the wood type on this one either - but notice the pretty Jasper in that one again (it's much smaller - see the edge of my wedding dress back there?)

This one holds all my Chapsticks and lip glosses on my dresser at home. This one is made of Spalted Maple.

Wouldn't you make it a point to go back and buy more of these beautiful bowls? They are all like little pieces of art. Someday, I imagine, those festivals will get to be too much work for this gentleman and I will be very sad indeed.


I got an email this morning that Emily Parsons will be updating her Etsy shop tonight at 8:00 Central - that's where I purchased the Kitty yarn I was showing off last week. Yum. She's got a really nice base yarn.

I absolutely love those. And that incredible table!
They really are works of art.
Who could resist them?! Thanks for sharing them with us.
My absolute favorite both in form and wood is the Cherrywood! A nice collection.
The bowls are really fabulous. And the prices! Wow.

Three months is NOT a long time to knit a pair of socks. In my world.

Funny, the History channel was marathoning Band of Brothers last week. The DVD was probably much more satisfying. No commercials.
They are simply stunning. I would imagine Mr. Lindblad is pleased that you appreciate them so much.
I'm partial to the one wit the rocks in it!!
Gorgeous! I like them all, but am partial to the one right in front of your wedding photo. ;)
The bowls are beautiful. I have a friend whose husband makes bowls also, thought not quite as unique as these.
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