Friday, October 10, 2008

Cranberry Festival

So mom and I went solo last weekend. We drove out to the cabin in Stone Lake, Wisconsin, and we ventured out to the Stone Lake (30th annual) Cranberry Festival. As usual, this little town was crammed with vendors and shopper/partiers from one end to the other. I bought tchotchkes and some more pretty wooden bowls. I also bought my son an Ecuadorian Alpaca Cardigan; yes, it was machine made, but oh so soft and fuzzy. I was helpless in the face of the salesmanship of the man who was manning the booth; yes, he WAS Equadorian, and cute too! Lastly, I just KNEW the Teen would love I bought it. I think I just made up a whole bunch of punctuation. Sorry. (It may be a little better now, I went back to try and edit myself.)

There was also a booth selling items made with Alpaca yarn, Alpaca fiber and Alpaca yarn itself. See my two skeins above? The yarn comes from a place called Alpacas of Rollingwood and they are right outside of Stone Lake (as is my cabin! I could go visit the Alpacas!) No website, but they have an email if anyone is interested.

ANYWAY. The two ladies in the booth kept yelling "Who's a knitter?" Every time some poor soul would raise their hand and those ladies had another sale. (Yes, I was one of those poor souls.)

That big skein is so soft and sweet-smelling, I just want to put my head down and have a little nap. The multi-colored skein is 756 yards of Alpaca, and the smaller skein is from Winnie! I love Winnie! Winnie's is only 210 yards. I want to make a large, warm wrap out of these two, cause I am cold already. Any ideas?

Coming up soon: Yarn prettiness and works in progress!

Gorgeous yarn, and a cranberry festival sounds like fun!
No picture of the sweater you got for the teen?? Your experience sounds similar to how I ended up with some yummy alpaca at Yarnover one year...
There is MORE yarn prettiness?
the yarn looks even soft...
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