Thursday, October 23, 2008

Casting On Again...

Some Cider Moon Apple Crisp - I'm down to two last skeins of Cider Moon in my stash. I do miss them. (I'll have to wander over to Yarn Zombie to get my fill of their yummy colors again). I am going to cast on Anni's October pattern from Sockamania - Scrolls Socks.

Well, Puck's team lost their game last night - but nobody got hurt and they played a much tougher defense this time around. They'll play for Third place on Saturday at the Eagle Bowl (should be a cakewalk!) The kid's got a crazy schedule this weekend. Football at Noon - he wants to stay to watch the Championship game at 2:00. Then there's hockey at 4:30 - a birthday party/sleepover at 6:30, on Sunday morning they'll get up and go play Paintball. He'll be exhausted! He's supposed to have Hockey on Sunday morning, but I'm letting him skip it for the birthday party.

You didn't mention how cold it was last night at the game!

Excellent autumnal colors, well presented in striking bowl.
Is Cider Moon no longer? I remember hearing something about Cider Moon recently, but I don't remember what it was. I'm always the last to know these things.
Nice colorway!

Aw. But Puck played a good game and that counts most.
Ahh, another bowl.

Is Cider Moon over completely, or is someone dyeing under a different name?
Beautiful autumn colours and... how many socks do you have by now and do you wear them yourselves?
Gotta love the crossover time for sports....or not.
Sorry to hear about the loss, but glad to hear the team came out with nary a bump. I suppose you had layers of wool socks on for the game ;)
Does he have a PDA - or is that you??
wwoooooooooo. Yarn Zombie..... that sounds so spooky-cool this time of year.

Go Puck!
Yarn Zombie is Jacki. One of the two partners that owned Cider Moon. Cider Moon is no more. Her blog is if you want to check her out.
Beautiful yarn. And you're trying to kill me with that bowl, aren't you?
Half of Cider Moon is now Tuscan Grove ( Apple Crisp is now "Taffy Apple". Looks like Tuscan Grove has most of the old colors!
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