Wednesday, October 08, 2008


This photo is a perfect example of the color of this yarn. Very warm and cozy. Too bad you can't really see the cable pattern - it turned out sooo pretty!

Pattern: Brigit by Monkey Toes (free Ravelry download) Yarn: Zitron Trekking Hand Art This is rather subdued, but they've made some seriously rockin' colors. Color: Irland 508 Needles: Knitpicks Harmony dpn's size 1 Started: September 26, 2008 Completed: October 4, 2008. Note: My first time with Trekking - I found it a tad fuzzy and splitty - but I love how the colors worked out. The pattern is perfect - keeps you interested and works up really fast.

Puck's season ended with a loss, but the good news is none of the giants on the other team hurt our definitely undersized gang. Their record stands at 6-2-0, they have playoffs next week, we're just hoping to make it through with no more injuries. After all the rain yesterday, and our first game on grass (not turf), the kids were hilariously dirty at the end of the game.

Someone asked about the colors in my Mystery Sock yarn - it runs through colors a bit like the Noro - just a lot softer. However, as you knit, you come upon colors that you don't see on the skein because they are hidden on the inside.

I got some packages this week, so there will be some lovely yarn pictures to show you later this week!!!!

I like packages!
Nice socks!
And Trekking wears like iron!
I like the colors. Sometimes even plain colors don't show a pattern very well in a photograph.
Love that colorway. And I'm giggling at the concept of "hilariously muddy" boys!
PRETTY! The pattern looks lovely. Yours in the first site I go to get my Yarn Pron fix!
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