Monday, October 13, 2008

The Blue Moon Jones.

Remember about a week ago I was longing for the Socks that Rock? Well, I decided to cash in on my unredeemed Mother's Day Gift.

Lightweight Raven: Corbie

Lightweight: Oregon Red Clover

Lightweight: Banded Agate

This one might be my favorite - Lightweight: Grinchy

Now, I am determined to empty out some of my stash before I wind up some of the new colors, I'm not always great about that. Have you checked out the Terra Hoodie over at Knotions? In the sweater scheme, that one may be next. I think that the Oak Leaf sock will be the next pair of socks I cast on, at least after I finish off a couple pair first.

My little community is quite unbalanced when it comes to sports scheduling. Football tryouts and practices start in August (quite ruining the cabin weekends), but Football is a relatively short season and you would think that Hockey could wait until it's quite finished before trying to schedule team practices. Football ends Oct. 25 (give or take), in 7th grade they allow for three team meetings per week (2 practices and one game or some permutation). Hockey at this level started tryouts at the beginning of October (that's not including their "Tryout Preparation Classes" - and if you don't participate in the prep classes you can pretty much count out an A or B team). ANYWAY, teams have been assigned and practice starts today. Today, Puck has a playoff Football game. Really? Hockey can't wait two weeks? As I said, my community is a little unbalanced.

So Puck did not get on the team with the Coaches he wanted, and also, only knows two other boys on his team. The boy that is on his team is the one guy he would've picked to play with, so things may be OK. Mom doesn't know any of the parents though so hockey season looks to be a little more subdued than in previous years.

Mom and I went to see the Prairie Colors Marching Band Competition on Saturday night. There were bands there from as far as Des Moines, Iowa (and wow, just wow for Dowling Catholic). The big winner of the AAA competition was Rosemount marching band and were they impressive. My favorite parts are the Drum Majors and the Drumlines! We were feeling a little sympathy for the Drumline judge as he ran all over the field trying to keep up with the different Drumlines! Overall, it was a beautiful night to watch them all. Here is EP's last year's performance on YouTube (it gets really cool around the six minute mark). I only checked the Wild score on my cell phone around four times.

I do get what you are saying about hockey.... it may have something to do with the "State of Hockey" thing or it could be a need to keep the rinks funded ;)

Love the yarn! Lucky Mom!
Love the Grinchy! Real calm colours otherwise.
Mmm... Blue Moon yarns... I'm thinking of ordering enough for a February Lady Sweater...

Hockey already?!
ooooohhhhhh. That yarn!
Yeah, it's not just hockey, either. We just finished two Sunday afternoons of tryouts for summer '09 soccer, for goodness sake! My girl has had 7th grade soccer every afternoon since school began. Today was the first day she came home on the bus. School soccer is over, now at least she has a few weeks before ski season begins...

Puck will thrive where-ever he ends. He's a talented, adaptable kid. Kids like he is will be healthy, life-long athletes. And that's what we really want for our kids, isn't it?
I see a February Lady Sweater in your future! It's what all the cool kids are doing today!
Ooh, love those colors! Especially the Banded Agate.
I love me some Blue Moon. Just finished a pair out of the Hot Flash. I really like the Corbie, I have the Grinchy in my stash but haven't knitted it yet. Sounds like you are still going to be busy with sports.
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