Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby, oh Baby (again.)

I think I need to put this on a longer needle to get a decent picture of this sweater. It's flying right along - but it needs a little concentration when you're working on the cables. Ten more rows and I'm putting the sleeve stitches on needle holders and I'm off to the races for the body of the sweater.

More Sports.
Puck's team won their game last night, so they are in for another game against the team that beat the cr*p out of us last time (yea - the one with a 15 year old playing on it.) That's not until next Tuesday though. The following weekend is the Eden Prairie Eagle Bowl - it's all the Youth teams (grades 3-8), playoff games. They get to play at the HS stadium, there's supposed to be a bunch of Vikings there, so the kids are pretty jazzed.

In case anyone local is interested, E.J. Henderson has a pretty interesting local business. It's called Gamespeed - here's a little blurb that explains it:

E.J. Henderson co-founded The Game Speed Football Academy along with Mark Ellis in April of 2007. E.J. has a true compassion for working with youth and nurturing their physical development. E.J established the E.J. Henderson Youth Foundation in April of 2007 utilizing the philosophy that supportive guidance, mentoring and proper physical training contribute to the physical, mental and emotional wellness of youth.

They have programs there for "at-risk" Youth sent there through the court system. They also develop athletic training programs for local athletic associations. They started with Football, but now they are in the process of adding a Lacrosse program (working with the local HS coach).

E.J. is involved in the EP Eagle Bowl to the extent that the benefit of our fundraising efforts will be directed to the E.J. Henderson Youth Foundation.

It makes me feel like there might be a little more balance to this whole sports insanity our kids are involved in.

Also? It makes me infinitely sorrier that E.J. has been hurt for this '08 Football Season.

When it's off the needles, it'll be wonderful!
Hee hee - the on-the-needles pictures are always so mysterious! :)
I can't remember which it is you have on the needles, but I presume it's very fast off the needles, so we can see.
EJ sounds lovely.

On the needles or pre blocking - some projects just don't show well until they're done!

Whistle Bait is not only a very cool name but what a cute pattern.
Baby is such a pretty color!!
Sweaters do not fly.

It is always good to see professional athletes that are responsible & respectful citizens. Looks like EJ is one of them - we need more.
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