Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WIP...um, Tuesday?

Mr. Greenjeans is in the middle of his second sleeve. I've been watching all the Heroes episodes I've missed in the last year and half so I can be caught up for this year - I am crossing my fingers that it lives up to it's original promise! Believe it or not, stockinette + cables is working OK.

These are the Lacuna socks, which have been hanging around FOR-EVER, but they really are an easy knit, so once I pick them up, they fly. I'm thinking by next Monday, I'll have an FO or two to show off.

In the meantime, Puck has a big game tonight. It's going to be their toughest match so far, so cross your fingers for the big guy!

I love the Lacuna socks - the yarn is really pretty.
Oh, the Lacuna's are wonderful! Good luck, Puck - hopefully the weather didn't interfere?
Are you watching Heroes on your iPod?! Cool!

I can't wait to see what Greenjeans looks like on a real person - it looks like the perfect comfy sweater. Will you show it while you model?
Heroes got off to a rough start last season, but improved as it went along. I Tivo'ed the season opener this week but haven't watched it yet.

Fingers crossed for Puck!
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