Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, Hello Mr. Greenjeans!

and just where is Captain Kangaroo? (Sorry, could NOT resist.) My friend Rani wanted to know just what or who Greenjeans was - why this cute sweater that is now on the needles! Hi Rani! (Oh look, she's talking about me and she's saying nice things! Guess I'll be passing that on soon.) Mr. Greenjeans is from Knitty Fall of 2007. May I also be the ten millionth person to chant: The new Knitty is up the new Knitty is up!

Yes, I know I have two different Options needles on that cord. I keep having glue issues with the wooden needles and it makes me sad because I love them so much! Needles why you doin' me dirt?

Bulletin: Football victory tonight for Puck's team! (52-6) Yay - go Puck!

The brown cardi is now cast off - I've only to seam the sleeves and weave the ends - I may just i-cord some ties for this sweet little cardi.

oooh -now I want THAT sweater!

-- have you tried Gorilla Glue on the needles? If that won't hold them I'd be shocked. It's messy stuff if you aren't careful, but you could probably reattach an arm with it.
Love the yarn for Greenjeans!
Yay for Puck! And that looks like it'll be a warm and cheery sweater. LOL at CursingMama's comment....
Ah ha! Thanks!

Can't talk, off to check out Knitty.
Yay for Puck!

And Mr Greenjeans.(and I always do the Capt Kangaroo connection too.)

I just discovered the new Knitty was up, trolling on Ravelry for patterns.
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