Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Weekend's FO:

or, one of 'em anyway.

Pattern: Grandiflora by Laura Patterson Yarn: Handmaiden Casbah (I bought it at Y4S - but they are out of it right now.) Color: Seafoam Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's in size 1 Started: August 15, 2008 Completed: August 28, 2008. Note: Well, the pattern on this one at least made it all the way down the cuff. Then I could not master the pattern in the foot - so I switched to stockinette. I noticed the errata page on Ravelry as I was writing this up!

The tribe has gone back to school, 7th and 11th grade. Great googly mooglies, when and how? The weather has cooled and I have new yarns to add to Ravelry. I am really feelin' the sweater mojo right now. I am a couple of TV nights away from finishing this little cardi:

After that, we are casting on the new stuff! Mmm-hmmm!

Tonight we have football! Puck's team has their first game of the year on a lovely chilly night.

I don't know about you, but I sure am glad my kids are back in school. I love the socks!
Lovely socks! What team is the 7th grader on? Mine is on Navy.
Socks look great. I LOVE FOOTBALL weather.
I do like the socks. You do beautiful work.

And the football season...takes me back to when my boys were both in football. It wasn't unusual to see three games in a week.
Isn't it great to have knitting on these newly cool evenings?

Now, just to settle back into the school routines...
Another gorgeous pair of socks! That cardi is looking great, too.
Chilly? I envy you. Go Puck!

Those socks are cute! I love that cardi. It looks cute and comfy.
Nice socks!
It's always best to check for the errata after you've given up and finished them "your" way I find!!
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